What Am I Looking At!?

So, what is this?  Good question without a good answer…yet.  The ideas of what this site will be are still very fluid.  I guess, at its simplest, this site will be a place for reviews of beer and some liquor.  However, we all know there are thousands of other sites doing the exact same thing.  I suppose something that will set us apart is we are very much amateurs at this point.  In reality, the “about us” we wrote probably sums all this up best:

The guerrillas of booze are a group of people who love beer and alcohol, beyond the “let’s get drunk” sense, but have no formal training or experience in the industry.  The plan is to “kick in the door” of the beer and alcohol industry and take a seat at the table, through a blitz of various media sources.  Examples include a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Untappd; as well as podcasts and the guerrillas’ own website.

I will say that one of the hopes is, in terms of reviews, that you can see us improve as time goes on.  I can’t promise the writing will get any better but you can watch along as we learn when to use “cloying” rather than just saying “excess sweetness;” or how to describe ester aromas or flavors rather than “hey, this smells fruity.” At the end of the day hopefully this is just a place where we can all talk beer and liquor.  So, with all that being said……I guess we should drink!


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