Road Trip!

The Guerillas are back at it and we got some company. DSquared and I brought our better halves with us (wifeys) on our beer journey up north to our beloved breweries. This is pretty exciting because who doesn’t want to share their passion with their significant other right? Anyway, thanks to DSquared impeccable planning and research we were able to hit quite a few breweries in record time.

First stop of course probably my favorite brewery at the moment …

Tree House brewery straight out of Monson, Massachusetts. Probably the most sought after brew on the East and West coast (from what I have read and have reviewed as of late). People can’t get enough of their beer and I can’t really disagree. This day we were able to get their banger Julius and their more consistent beer release, Green.

A little disappointed because it’s my second trip in a matter of months and got the same two beers from last time but both very good beers, and highly tradable beers as well. So no real complaints.

Next stop..

Out of Canton, Massachusetts another amazing brewery Trillium. I have to say I’m seriously impressed by their facility and how many different beers they crank out of this place. Was able to sit in their tap room and have some beers that I wasn’t able to get canned and boy was I upset. Another story for another time I guess.

Time constraint was our motivating drive so we didn’t spend too much time there couple samples and we were off to our next stop ..

Nothing crazy happening here pretty small company nearby we grabbed some brews to go and can’t wait to try them out and give our unexperienced opinion on them.

Following brewery, one I wasn’t aware of til my good friend put it on the list from Norwood, Massachusetts was Castle Island Brewery. Very clean and inviting facility with the opportunity to sample every beer free of cost which was great because honestly they had some good beers to offer. Some of which hopefully we may get into later on with some beer reviews.

On to the next Exhibit ‘A’ out of Framingham, Massachusetts which is brewing out of Jack’s Abby old facility. Probably one of our coolest stops because we were able to get a personal tour by part owner and brewer Matthew Steinberg who was nice enough to take us in to his canning line purely on our curiosity of how the canning system worked. Gave us a fairly in-depth illustration of how the canning machine works and the cost one of these high tech babies.

Honestly, considering how much i would love to be able to brew a beer of my own some day, this was informative and eye opening. So much goes on to get these amazing beers in our hands and I can really appreciate the process. I wish them all success.

Last but not least, we hit Jack’s Abby brewery new facility in Framingham, Massachusetts just a couple blocks away from Exhibit ‘A’.

Given we were starving and had ran through our breweries in good time we spent a good amount of time here drinking and eating considering they had a eating hall. Surprisingly, I’ve never had lagers like this before and I’m assuming that’s what has led them to their success. They brew their lagers like IPAs in a sense. I couldn’t tell the difference on some of their beers on what was a lager and what could
Have been an IPA. Definitely a locale worth visiting and trying their beer.

The Verdict…..

Trunk full of beer, not all mine obviously because I’m not that big of an “alcoholic” but enough of itย 

was mine ….. oh and did I mention that wasn’t my only pick up of the week?

Was able to grab some other half brews later in the week on my lunch break in the city and …

Some cool local pickups and trades as well! ย ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฌ. In return, hopefully some good material to write and talk about. Considering I was sick since my last entry, I’m hopefully going to have more to write about since I’m running on all cylinders. Til next time, drink up!

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