Hype Train

It’s only fitting that I do my first review on probably my favorite local brewery out of Fairfield, NJ. Magnify Brewing has been making some good noise around the area and it may have to do a lot with their New England style of brewing. There hasn’t been a beer that I’ve had out of their camp that I have not seriously enjoyed I’m excited to see how Magnify continues to grow and progress. Let’s get into the beer no?

The Pour

Worthy of a Tree House glass, Hype Train pours a dark Amber-ish color with about an inch of head that seems to stick around for a while. Fairly carbonated and hazy looking beer. In my opinion a darker but good looking IPA brew.

The Aroma

Soon as you crack open the can you get a nice whiff of the simcoe hops followed by the more apparent passion fruit scent. Pour into the glass and it just seems to get better with every breath. Plenty of citrus which comes from the simcoe hop that I love so much, and passion fruit In abundance and hint of the guava in there. Personally smells like a great collaboration of fruit juice that Tropicana may be popular for. Good mixture of hops and fruits.

The Taste

The hype is real with this beer, Hype Train does not disappoint in taste. The passion fruit comes through in a big way with a citrusy/guava finish. The triple IPA bitterness is hidden in a dangerous way with this beer as with every sip I took I wasn’t sure if it was a beer or not as you definitely cannot taste the 10.5 abv. I kept looking back at my wife as she is having it at the same time as me and couldn’t help but notice her sign of approval. Definitely a beer that I could knock back one after another and have the alcohol level creep up on me.


I think it’s safe to say from my review that I thoroughly enjoyed Hype Train. I can go on record and say that this was probably the best tasting Triple IPA that I have ever had. Everything was on point, the aroma, the taste and the look is everything that I would look for in a good beer. It safe to say that Magnify is making great strides on becoming one of the top breweries in NJ. This Triple IPA is a deserving 9/10 for me. I’d recommend everyone get their hands on this.

Side Note

I think it’s worth mentioning my review of the beer was an initial reaction dating 3 days after the release of the beer. As I was ready to put my thoughts into writing I figured I’d pour myself another glass of Hype Train to relive the feeling. To my surprise in just 6 days after my initial tasting the beer was completely different than the first time I cracked the beer. For example ….

The beer seemed to get a bit darker, same carbonation and head, and a very apparent and visual amount of sediment in the beer. I was a bit stumped by its transformation that I couldn’t help but drink it and pour myself another one to see if the same result would happen. Still a great beer but the hops were more apparent in aroma and taste, and the passion fruit was a bit tart but still fairly sweet. Not to mention a dankier taste which may make more sense to the beer drinking community. I was wondering if it was just my batch of beer but DSquared was able to confirm my finding as well. Maybe anyone reading this can add some input to our findings.
I think moving forward I may grab an extra of most brews I get now just for comparison purposes. I’ve had plenty of Magnify beers before within days of each other and this never happened before. Maybe it was the copious amounts of passion fruit? I don’t know honestly because I’m no brew master, but I can’t help but think if time really is a big factor on such a young beer…. to be continued I guess.

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