Vault Brewing Company

Let’s talk for a minute about Vault Brewing Company.  Buying and trying craft beers, IPAs being the biggest example, has become a ritual of stalking the social media pages of breweries, waiting for a release announcement, and lining up, for hours on occasion, to pick up the newest and freshest beers.  This is not a complaint by the way.  There is something very enjoyable about grabbing friends, hopping in a car, and road tripping to a brewery to wait in line to snag some beers.  I’ve met cool people and had great conversations in these lines.  From time to time though, there is something to be said for just showing up, picking up beers, and getting on with your day.  For me, enter Vault Brewing Company…I say “for me” because I know there are other breweries that have adopted the practice of an online pre-sale or selling tickets online, etc.  Vault, however, was my first experience with the online pre-sale world, and it couldn’t have gone smoother.

The process was simple.  Jump on their website during the 24 hour pre-sale, throw a couple 4-packs of their 2 IPA offerings into the virtual cart, pay of course, and you have a week to head over to the brewery to pick up your beers.  Truthfully, I had only heard about Vault about a week or so before this can release so the online pre-sale did two important things for me: gave me an opportunity to try some of their beers, which I may not have done otherwise, and gave me a reason to visit their brewery, which I also may not have gotten around to doing otherwise.

The brewery was very cool.  It’s set inside of a bank (hence the name Vault Brewing) complete with open vault door, lockboxes, etc.  You can see everything going on in the place as their kitchen and brewing operation are completely open and basically right in front of you.  6 beers on tap including a stout on nitro made with Colombian Coffee; I feel like I’ve mentioned stouts aren’t my thing but my coffee loving other half liked it a lot.  They did have a very very tasty IPA called Hop Culture that I could have had many more of.  The food was also delicious at this place.  As vegetables go, I’m not big into cauliflower but they have a buffalo cauliflower there that is fantastic.  I had a brisket sandwich (suggested to me by a guy I traded some beers with outside) that I would go back for.  Mrs. Squared ordered the margherita pizza, also delicious.

Anyway, the point of all this: Vault Brewing Company has been down in Yardley, PA since late 2012 and they were never on my radar.  Hearing about their can release, would I have gotten up on a Sunday and driven the hour and a half or so to go down there and line up? Probably not.  Because of the online pre-sale, I had the opportunity to visit Vault, have some delicious food, sample some beers, roll out with a couple 4-packs of their Aussie Double IPA and CCCCC IPA, and also off-load some Julius for some Buicebox, which I’ve wanted to try.  More importantly, next can release I’ll be back, especially if it’s Hop Culture IPA!

***These guys didn’t pay me for this nor do I get anything out of it, I was just really happy with the process and my overall experience.  Go check them out.

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