Lay’s Beer ‘n Brats potato chips

I know we primarily focus on beer around here, although as guerrillas of all booze, I promise there’ll be more than beer here eventually. Food, however, doesn’t quite fit into what we do here generally. Enter “Beer ‘n Brats” chips from Lay’s. Finally some food that sits solidly in our wheelhouse.
I learned a few important things about these beer ‘n brat chips as while looking over the bag:
First, it sounds like a winner of Lay’s “do us a flavor” contest but it isn’t. Having submitted a beer flavored chip idea to this year’s contest, learning that Lay’s just came up with this all on their own helped alleviate some predisposed anger (jealousy?) I had towards these chips going in.
Second, how could possibly make these taste like beer and/or brats? With beer ‘n brats seasoning of course, which is an actual ingredient listed on the bag. In that seasoning is several things you’d expect like brown sugar, onion powder, salt, cheeses, and Dijon mustard. There’s quite a few ingredients you may not expect though such as: chicken fat, whey protein (!!), and beer solids (!!!!). I kid you not, there is malted barley, hops, and yeast listed. I wonder….if you’re on the wagon, can you eat these?
The third strange thing is they list a whole bag as having three servings, strange since I opened and finished the bag all at once so, one serving right? No but seriously, these chips are delicious and I finished the bag.
When you first open the bag you get a familiar beer-ish smell. In fairness, it’s a bit more of a “waking up the morning after an all night party in a completely trashed house where a lot of spilling took place” stale beer smell than I would like, but it’s beer for sure. Fire a couple of these in your mouth and if you’re not paying attention you could confuse Beer ‘n Brats chips for sour cream and onion, but a slightly off flavored version; but focus and the flavors pop. There’s an immediate hint of beer flavor that disappears quickly and is followed by meaty flavor that is impossible to believe. The flavor is a little oniony and bratwurst-y with some mustard, cheese, and some kind of sweetness I can’t place mixed in. There was an aftertaste that reminded me of having just finished eating a brat. It’s crazy.
Much like Lay’s Southern Biscuits & Gravy (which I also loved), Beer ‘n Brats chips are definitely not for everyone. I, of course, was drinking beer while eating these but these chips better hang around until summer so I can grill up some brats and pair them up to see if it’s too much. In short, Beer ‘n Brats chips are delicious and you should go buy some immediately. Run don’t walk.

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