Humanimal Stasis

A combination of working far too much and getting ready for a wedding has cut into both my drinking and my writing about drinking time. That said, when the opportunity arises to take a ride out to a brewery, I jump at it. This time that opportunity came in the form of an impromptu trip out to Ardmore, PA and Tired Hands with the elusive Beers4Plat. Plat and I shot out to Tired Hands just to try a bunch of their stuff on draft, but were pleasantly surprised to find they were also doing a release for the Heavy Gem Project.
Heavy Gem, as near as I can tell, is a collaborative effort between Tired Hands and Half Acre. By terming Heavy Gem a “project,” I suspect this will be more than a one off collaboration. Could this be the beer equivalent of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden coming together to form Temple of the Dog? (Yes I know that’s not the actual history of the band, don’t ruin a good metaphor)
Our first experience with Heavy Gem came in the form of a double IPA called Humanimal Stasis.

The Pour:
Humanimal Stasis pours somewhere between a dark gold and maybe a light copper and is very hazy or even murky. Slightly more than one finger of thick white head that receded pretty slowly. I feel like this is a good time to use the word “turbid” as a descriptor. It’s a turbid, dirty looking pineapple orange juice.

The Aroma:
The aroma is what most people would expect for this style of IPA but: fruity and bright with a little floral touch and just the right amount of dank weed smell. More specifically, you get pineapple, melon, tangerine or clementine (I’m not sure which I’m thinking of), a little pine, and some bread. Did I mention weed? Like expensive drug house weed…..I would imagine anyway…..

The Taste:
The taste follows the aroma for the most part. I would say melon is the lead off flavor, but followed very closely by pineapple, mango, and some nondescript citrusness. The piney flavor follows the fruitiness with almost a sticky dankness. Good mouthfeel and the right amount of carbonation. Next is where it gets a little complicated. Awhile ago a friend mentioned to me that he always gets a flour taste when he drinks Tired Hands IPAs, as a result I find myself noticing it occasionally also now that he pointed it out. I get that same floury taste at the end of the sip of Humanimal also; at least before a very distinct bitterness clears that out at the very end. The flour thing doesn’t ruin the taste for me in the least however, and I actually found this very tasty.

I knew next to nothing about the Heavy Gem Project going in and as a result had zero expectations. That said, I came away really liking this beer. There’s that slight flour taste and a definite bite at the end of the sip that caught me off guard at first but neither were off-putting at all.  A solid 7.5/10 for me and something worth seeking out for sure.  I have a bottle of their other release, a saison called Virga, that I’ll be cracking into in the near future also and we’ll see if that does anything to change my opinion of the Heavy Gem Project.

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