12 Days of Beers Across the World – Day 4

Batting cleanup for this round of beers is Sierra Nevada’s collaboration with Oregon’s own Boneyard Beer.  According to the description, Boneyard says: “we just love brewing hoppy beers.”  It makes sense then that their contribution to the Beer Camp Across the World set is the West Coast-Style Double IPA.  What makes a double (or imperial) IPA you ask?  Easy answer is at least double the amount of hops as a regular IPA.  That should give some idea as to what we are in for here.  12 ounce can with 8.3% ABV and 65 IBU. 


Beer Camp West Coast-Style Double IPA pours a nice golden color with just a touch of haze.  About one to one and a half finger of white colored head.  The head is thin but still has decent retention. Very good lacing on the glass.


Hops.  The aroma is hops.  The hops are in the forefront. The hops are aggressive. The hops are kicking in the door waving the .44.  Beyond that, there is a fair amount of citrus aroma, maybe my least favorite fruit: grapefruit.  Mostly though, there is the deep resinous piney aroma that you would expect from a heavily hopped west coast style IPA.  Did I mention hops?


The taste follows the aroma. The hops are still running things.  They’ve got the shit mapped tight, brass knuckles and flashlights.  The heaters in the two seaters.  Are these Biggie references doing anything for you?  Seriously though, the taste is hoppy of course, with a fair amount of citrus.  It’s almost more of a tropical citrus as opposed to a grapefruit.  There’s a hint of maltiness and either bread or cracker as well.  A little bitterness on the back end but it balances well with all the other flavors.


I sort of back and forth on this one.  I’m an admitted self-hating IPA guy and this is most definitely an IPA but this had a feel of “just another west coast IPA” to me.  It’s no Pliny the Elder but it’s also not bad by any stretch of the imagination.  Beer Camp West Coast-Style Double IPA is a good IPA that I would be happy to drink again even if I feel like I’ll forget about it as I’m drinking it.  I can tell you that this beer has made me want to check out more from Boneyard Beer, which I’m sure is one of the goals of this Beer Camp Across the World set.

3.5 out of 5

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