Fresh Lemonade Here!

I know what you’re thinking…… what the? Where the hell you been? Well you know drinking beers, traveling the world, and honestly mostly working like an undocumented alien. In all seriousness, life has gotten the best of me but I’m here to stay and I’m ready to review some brews. What do you say we get into it?


And for my next trick, I’ll make a pink lemonade into a beer. This is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Evil Twin Brewing. This is a beer that I wanted to get my hands on since earlier in the summer seeing it on Instagram. Thanks to my fellow Guerrilla, to my surprise I got my can. This Fruit beer IPA has a 7% ABV and a 70 IBU.



To my surprise it wasn’t as reddish as the photo I had seen in their social forum (possibly a filter ugh). ┬áThat being said it is still a very good looking beer. A dense, murky, grapefruit looking beer with a slightly reddish tint. Almost three fingers of head which lingered a bit and left a frothy top.


Straight off the bat you get a very apparent lemon and lime mix scent, followed by citrusy scent like a tangerine. I get a little grapefruit and a bit of a grassy/earthiness to it as well. Lots of lemon and lime zest hitting the nostrils.


At first sip you get a slight sweet ruby red grapefruit type of taste followed by a smooth transition to almost a bit of a sour lemonade. You get a nice tarty lemonade taste on your tongue, and a bit of grapefruit as well. A little earthy as I smelled earlier with lots of lemon/lime zest that added an acidic factor and a dry finish. The one flavor which I found lacking was the raspberry that they mention on the label.


This beer did not disappoint in flavor and body. Although labeled as a Fruit Beer type of IPA, I found it to be a bit closer to the sour end of the spectrum. I’ll go as far as saying it’s closer to a session type of beer with a sour/tart dry finish. That being said I found it refreshing and a good summer beer that you can pound easily at a BBQ. It’s not really boozy and definitely something I’d recommend someone to buy and share because hey, who wouldn’t want a lemonade on a hot summers day.

4 out of 5

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