What is a “Guerrilla of Booze?”

It’s a simple question that I get from time to time: “what does Guerrillas of Booze mean?” or what is a “Guerrilla of Booze?”  I realize I’ve never really had an answer ready.  I mean, in my head I know what this concept is, or what Guerrillas of Booze means and where it comes from.  That said, I’m going to try to explain the concept, name, where it comes from, and where I hope to see it go.  That’s right everyone, this is going to be a wordy one…buckle up!

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the top, the name is derived from a pro wrestling tag team, sort of anyway.  When I decided I wanted to start an alcohol focused blog, I knew I wanted a cool name, something different and a little outsider-ish.  More on that in a second…and yes outsider-ish is a word, I used it in a sentence.   The name went through a number of variations: Beer Outlaws, Outlaws of Beer, Beer Gang, Renegades of Beer, etc.  Ultimately, two things happened, I decided I wanted to be about more than beer and I didn’t like the flow of any of the names, or somebody already had the names in use.  I finally decided on Booze Guerrillas, hence the Twitter handle: @boozeguerrillas.  I liked it, but didn’t love it.  It was while watching a New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV, Wrestle Kingdom, that I saw a tag team with the coolest damn name ever: Guerrillas of Destiny; and there it was, Guerrillas of Booze.

So, that’s the name, as far as what’s behind the name, that’s a little more complicated.  I’ve always had an interest in beer and alcohol that exists far beyond “hey let’s totally chug these drinks and get wasted tonight!”  As far back as I can remember, since turning 21 that is, I look forward to going to new places (states, cities, countries, etc) and seeing what the beer scene is like there.  There’s no thrill like finding some out of the way little nano-brewery that somebody tells you about in some bar for instance.  I personally haven’t been able to figure out how to turn that passion for the alcohol industry in general and the beer industry specifically into a career; which is to say I didn’t know what path to take.  Now, I’m with some like minded individuals and we’ve decided to carve out our own little non-traditional section of the industry, in a way.  We use two different versions of the term “guerrilla” to guide us: Guerrilla warfare and Guerrilla marketing.  The paraphrased definition of guerrilla warfare is: a form of irregular warfare which a small group of combatants, such as civilians or irregulars, use tactics and mobility against a larger and more traditional entity.  Now, obviously that’s extreme as we know we aren’t trying to battle anybody, quite the opposite actually, we just want a seat at the table.  We are probably more closely in line with the theory of guerrilla marketing, as such, I’ll quote the father of guerrilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson:

Achieving conventional goals, such as profit and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.

If you smash those two concepts together and mix in some alcohol, you have Guerrillas of Booze.

So, where are we and where are we going?  In the present tense, we are small but growing.  You can find us on pretty much all social media accounts including the new the upstart Vero, which could very well have disappeared by the time you read this.  We have our website here which has gotten some decent hits in the past but, frankly the site has been neglected recently.  Finally, there’s our YouTube channel: WGoB Network which is the home of our main show GoB-TV, as well as our companion show Slosh Talk and our various Quick Hits.  As I write this, our YouTube channel has 46 subscribers; doesn’t sound like a lot, but to a group of guys who had 3-4 subscribers a few short months ago, it means the world to us.  We’ve had the opportunity to brew a couple beers as a group and there’ll be more of that in the future.  Speaking of the future, our YouTube show(s) are going to continue to adapt and evolve as we march towards 100 subscribers and beyond.  I envision making the website back into a priority and truly having it be a one-stop shop for all things Guerrillas of Booze.  Lastly we are definitely in the planning stages of attacking the only medium we don’t have a presence in yet, the podcast world…so stay tuned for GoB Radio.

Alright, that’s enough rambling.  Somewhere in there is the answer to the question “what is Guerrillas of Booze?”  If you feel like we do about the beer and alcohol industry and you review, podcast, do videos, then you are a Guerrilla of Booze as well.  Joking joking.  But seriously, to everyone that watches the videos, comments, sends messages, likes and direct messages on Instagram, views our stories and just shows love and support in general, thank you, sincerely.  Who knows what the future holds, but for now the brothers and I are enjoying the ride.  Oh….and always remember to Get That Medicine in You!

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