12 Days of Beers Across the World – Day 3

Day 1 was a hit for me and Day 2 a miss, here’s to hoping odd numbered days are where it’s at.  With a blind reach into the fridge, the third beer in the series is…Dunkle Weisse.  A collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Germany’s Ayinger Brewery, dunkle weisse literally translate to dark white.  Strangely, that’s what this beer is, a dark white beer.  More specifically, a dark version of a traditional German wheat beer.  As you might expect from a beer this style, it’s only got an IBU of 10 with 5.7% ABV and is another 12 ounce bottle.  I don’t know for sure what to expect from this but I’m looking forward to cracking into it.  Continue reading 12 Days of Beers Across the World – Day 3