12 Days of Beers Across the World – Day 4

Batting cleanup for this round of beers is Sierra Nevada’s collaboration with Oregon’s own Boneyard Beer.  According to the description, Boneyard says: “we just love brewing hoppy beers.”  It makes sense then that their contribution to the Beer Camp Across the World set is the West Coast-Style Double IPA.  What makes a double (or imperial) IPA you ask?  Easy answer is at least double the amount of hops as a regular IPA.  That should give some idea as to what we are in for here.  12 ounce can with 8.3% ABV and 65 IBU.  Continue reading 12 Days of Beers Across the World – Day 4

Green vs. Green

I have quite a backlog of beer currently, but because I’m an idiot, I just keep buying more rather than drinking all of what I have.  That fact did let me do some interesting “research” however.  (For a frame of reference, I did this back in October).  Plat and I recently (in October) took a second trip up to craft beer juggernaut Treehouse Brewing in Monson, MA to pick up some Julius and another flagship beer: Green.  Since I still had some Green left over from an earlier trip, I had an interesting opportunity to compare a fresh Green with a 2 month old Green.  Breweries always tell you with these “juice bomb” type IPAs to drink them fresh…but does it really matter?  Let’s see.  Continue reading Green vs. Green


file_001A couple of the Guerrillas and I took another quick trip up to Massachusetts to hit the big time breweries up there…more on that to come, stay tuned.  First, as a Jersey guy I want to get a little NJ representation on here.  Carton Brewing out of the Atlantic Highlands, NJ, is as good of a place to start as any; with a 95 score on Beer Advocate, 077XX is a strong way to kick it off. Continue reading 077XX